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Accordingly, my husband, who will turn 66 in August 2016, was planning to file and suspend until he turns 70. Then when I turn 66 in February of 2018, I would have collected spousal benefit. They had their own logic that resists analysis.” Non-pianists have been similarly struck by the galvanizing sound of Bley. Retrieved January 7, 2014. ^ «Technical GRAMMY Award». . Below is our official statement. He was at home and very comfortable with family at his side. “Thank you,“Vanessa Bley “PAUL BLEY OBITUARY “Paul Bley, renowned jazz pianist, died January 3, 2016 at home with his family. Retrieved December 6, 2010. ^ Brink, Susan (June 29, 1971). «Jefferson Airplane reportedly breaking up». The Miami News.

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