Шаблон самп на bootstrap

Bootstrap Admin Templates — List of premium Bootstrap admin templates that uses a minimal flat or material design. Specifically, we: Set background-color: #fff; on the body Use the @font-family-base, @font-size-base, and @line-height-base attributes as our typographic base Set the global link color via @link-color and apply link underlines only on :hover These styles can be found within scaffolding.less. Try to use these on a limited basis and avoid creating entirely different versions of the same site. For setting the tooltips options via data attributes, just append the option name to data- along with the correct value, like data-animation=»false», data-placement=»bottom» etc. Как осуществить задержку при нажатии клавиши с помощью jQuery? К примеру у вас есть поле поиска, которое обрабатывается при каждом нажатии клавиши клавиатуры.

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